Born 15.09.2016 and now In UK foster. This is what her foster mum says about Ada: She is lovely. Such an easy dog and has really come out of her shell so much in a really short time. Loving, obedient, kind, clean in the house, really good with our dogs. She’s brilliant. Can’t fault her at all. Clean in the house, gentle, very submissive with out dogs. Not food or toy possessive. Happy to be handled and touched all over, back end, paws, tail etc. A bit scared of loud noises but she was pretty settled after the first 24hrs and she’s much more relaxed now. She’s just laid on me for an hour watching a film! She’s so loving and she’s started to play too. She hasnt set a foot wrong and is a pleasure to have around. Other than being scared of men we really can’t find fault with her. She’s a super dog. Super easy and wonderful to have around. Not that nervy and she’s happy in the house, plays with toys etc. I do agree that she would like to live with another dog and would like a garden though. The man issue would have to be worked on. She’s lovely and the issue with men is easily managed. She doesn’t care about men if they ignore her and will come around in time I am sure. She’s fine with female visitors. Good with all dogs when introduced properly. She’s a little star bless her.

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