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Name: Alluna


Age: approx. 1 Year (05/02/2021)

Estimated size: Medium

History of how the dog or pup was rescued: Alluna was found in a field.

Temperament (shy/timid/playful/active/lazy): Alluna seems to be a terrier mix and has loads of energy. she runs in all directions and can jump high. Therefore, needs a very safe and secure place to live. Given her terrier character, she also chases cats and mice She is sociable with people, she has dogs that she likes and dogs that she doesn’t like. Alluna is a very good dog.

Energy level (high, medium, low): High

Can they be cat tested?: Chases cats. 

Do they live in a home or outdoor kennels?: In the home of her rescuer.

Are they better suited to a home with other dogs or as the only dog?: Alluna would be better as a single dog, with people that have experience with such type of dogs and have time to spend to consume her energy.

Rescuer AP


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