Alma Marie

Beautiful Alma is 2 years old. She is approx 45-50 cm tall and 15-17 kg She adores people and is fed up of shelter life. Alma Marie is calm but would really love to be free and explore life outside her cage. She does bear some scars on back where she was maybe caught in a snare type trap. Please share for our sweet girl, currently in foster in the South East. Type of dog (terrier/collie type etc.) German shepherd cross Colouring/markings: black/tan Reaction to men: she is a little nervous around men Reaction to women: a little nervous at initial meeting but great when she knows you Reaction to older children: she hasn’t met any yet Reaction to visitors in general: she is a little nervous for a while Reaction to other dogs: is playful but is wary to begin with, probably after being attacked in the shelter Reaction to cats: not known Reaction to any other animals or birds: has been fine with ducks and hens Reaction to loud noises: fine Reaction to collar/harness: she’s good with both Walks well on lead: she does walk well and likes to sniff a lot Frequency of barking: rarely barks Food aggression/possessiveness: none Any special dietary requirements: no she will eat anything Grooming requirements: none really Level of shedding: she has short hair and only shedding a little Any health issues she has a sore place on her back but it is healing well. Any behavioural issues: just her slight nervousness with people Any specific needs: no Additional comments or observation Alma is a really nice dog and soon gets very attached, will take longer with men. She walks very well on the lead and doesn’t have any fear of traffic. Has been calm and friendly when meeting other dogs out . She isn’t terrified of strangers but is wary and backs away. She is house trained.

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