Antonia was thrown out of a car with a bag of kibble and Raisa has taken her to her place. She is 1 year old now (Jan 2020). from her foster mum in UK: Size in inches/cm (length from base of neck to base of tail): 36ins/91cm Size in inches/cm (height from floor to top of shoulder): 26ins/66cm Reaction to men: Has had fear reaction (barking and snapping) with my husband (tall, well-built man). However, she has responded to him feeding her and walking her, and is very friendly with him also. Her response is mixed often, barking at the same time as having friendly body language, sometimes with a fearful face. We assume this is based on her past experience. She has improved, and responds to gentleness and reassurance from him. Usually she gets spooked when he appears unexpectedly or is carrying something. Reaction to women: Friendly Reaction to older children: not tested, but loved children when living in foster care in Romania Reaction to young children (under 5s): Not tested (no reaction in the street) Reaction to visitors in general: Good with women, more wary of men. Reaction to other dogs: Friendly, can be boisterous when wanting to play and persistent (typical puppy?) Reaction to cats: Wants to chase on street. But was very friendly with cats when fostered in Romania Reaction to any other animals or birds: Nothing remarkable. Reaction to loud noises: None. OK with fireworks. Reaction to collar/harness: No reaction to wearing collar. No difficulties with fitting harness. Walks well on lead: Can walk well on lead. However, can pull and is strong. Just needs some training and will be fine. Frequency of barking: infrequent -usually at my husband, or postman knocking. Food aggression/possessiveness: No problem as we have fed her separately to our other two dogs. She gets very excited around her food, and would dive into their bowls after finishing her own if allowed. She does sit before her bowl is put down however, and I’m working on getting her to wait until given permission to eat. She is a fast learner and has calmed down noticeably since her arrival. Any special dietary requirements: We give her dry food for sensitive digestion and skin conditions as she had bare patches thought to be brought on by stress. This has mostly healed, with only one bare patch on the back of her leg and one at the tip of her tail. Grooming requirements: Fairly minimal. She has a coarse wiry coat with with little shedding. She enjoys being brushed. Level of shedding: As above. Any health issues: As above. No others known. Any behavioural issues: As above. No others. Any specific needs: Plenty of space to move about, plenty exercise and a large garden to allow her to run around as she has a lot of energy. Additional comments or observations: Antonia has an adorable nature. She is a very large year old puppy who just wants to be friends and play with other dogs. She doesn’t always take no for an answer however with my other two rescue dogs who can feel rather intimidated by her sheer size and energy. She is very affectionate with people, loving cuddles and play and she learns very quickly when motivated by a treat. We are very sad to let her go, as she has been a delight and a real companion. We just don’t have enough space for her needs, and also one of my dogs is just not assertive enough to be able to deal with her and has become tense and miserable. Currently fostered in Gloucester

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