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Age: 4+ years
Gender: male
Type of dog (terrier/collie type etc.): Small sized mixed breed
Colouring/markings: Black and White
Size in inches/cm (length from base of neck to base of tail): 70 cms
Size in inches/cm (height from floor to top of shoulder): 33cms
Reaction to men: Fine
Reaction to women: Fine
Reaction to older children: Fine
Reaction to young children (under 5s): Fine
Reaction to visitors in general: Fine
Reaction to other dogs: Fine
Reaction to cats: Chases cats
Reaction to any other animals or birds: chases birds
Reaction to loud noises: He is scared of loud noises.
Reaction to collar/harness: Fine
Walks well on lead: Fine
Frequency of barking: At night, separation anxiety 
Food aggression/possessiveness: No
Any special dietary requirements: He has a sensitive tummy. He does not like changing his food
Grooming requirements: Long hair, needs shampooing and combing out regularly
Level of shedding: High
Any health issues: Back legs are weak according to vet
Any behavioural issues: Separation anxiety 
Any specific needs: Needs firm boundaries, does not like the crate
Additional comments or observations:
Sadly Apollo’s previous owners are no longer able to keep him due to personal reasons.
Apollo is a sweet and loving boy who needs an owner with previous collie breed experience. He has separation anxiety especially if left alone at night. He likes to be close by. He does not like to be shut in a crate or separate room. He is an intelligent dog who would benefit from someone who has time for lots of walks, games and mental activities. Apollo needs firm boundaries to be set from the beginning. He likes other dogs and can be home with children 12 years +. 

Currently living in East Sussex


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