This is a Special Paws Dog – are you a Special Human?

Just like humans, not every dog is perfect. Most of the time, they have been damaged by humans, but this only makes them our Special Paws Dogs – who need extra-special humans.

We are looking for Special families, owners or parents to help us with our dogs who may not be perfect, to either adopt, or to work with them as a foster parent.

If you are an experienced dog owner, have the time to help, and no children under the age of 10 living at home, why not become a Special Paws Parent?

With thousands of adopted dogs in the UK, we do offer every adopter rescue back up – and this means that we do have dogs who either have issues, or need to be re-homed.

If you know anyone who can help, and become a Special Paws Parent, please do email us at paws2rescue@outlook,com and let us know.

Archie, age 6, 21 inches in height and 28 inches neck to tail. Archie has been in his current home almost two years. He is brilliant with people but doesn’t like dogs at all. His family have managed this by walking away, turning around on walks, but their ill health has meant that they can no longer look after a dog. Archie is perfect in the home, greets visitors with a wagging tail. Sadly, it’s just his fear of dogs that needs working on. Archie had a broken leg which was re-set almost 4 years ago. He uses it as a crutch but has no issues with it and runs around well. Archie is in Edinburgh.

We are looking for a Special Paws Parent who is either prepared to adopt or foster Archie and work with his fear of other dogs. Archie is in Scotland and we have a trainer in West Lothian who is happy to help work with Archie, so ideally we would like him to be in Scotland within driving distance of EH48 if possible.