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Avril is a stunning short haired border collie cross. At 9 months old she’s about 60 cm tall, making her the perfect medium size pup with room to grow!

Avril doesn’t mind the company of other people, after quickly overcoming any initial shyness. She’s definitely more comfortable around women and older children (13+), men make her nervous and will need more effort to gain her trust. She hasn’t met any young children nor any cats yet. She’s friendly and playful toward other dogs. Already used to a slip lead and a harness, she’s excited to leave the house and go on long walks that allow her to sniff around and provide the necessary stimulation.

Other than investigative sniffing, Avril is passionate about her fluffy toys and deer antlers, both of which she loves to gnaw. Avril is still a puppy and there’s a whole world for her to discover – she needs a confident, mindful guide to help her navigate through all the potential challenges. She’s still mouthing and can be quite clumsy, trying to understand the concept of personal space. She thrives in company of her family, she’s very loving and likes to sleep close to her humans. She is, however, still struggling to stay home alone – her new owners will have to be prepared to work on her confidence in that matter. She would benefit from living with another, well trained dog, as they would make her more confident. She’s already made a great progress in her current foster family, being exposed to loads of new things and learning off the other dogs in the house.

Avril is curious, intelligent, and energetic but also a strong willed dog in need of a dedicated, responsible family. She’ll need a confident owner who can set boundaries from the start. Avril has a tendency to nip and play roughly, she is yet to learn some manners and basic training. We’re sure, however, that with patience and consistent training she will be quick to become the most loving and loyal dog. Avril would suit an active adult only home or one with older children 16 years old plus.

Currently in foster in Birmingham. 


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