Sweet Balerina was found in a very terrible and sad way. She was shaking with all of her body poor baby. Balerina was so afraid when we approached her, she didn’t know what was going on. Her shaking was due to a distemper episode that she had and affected her neurological system. We brought her to the shelter and slowly (with lots and lots of love and patience) this beautiful girl gain confidence and stopped shaking almost completely? Ballerina is around 5- 6 years old, medium in size and 20 kg. She îs now so eager to meet people, adores cuddles and submissive to other dogs . We also had her meet my cat and she was not interested at all. Just stood there in her kennel. Balerina just loves freedom and to sniff the grass. We let her out of her enclosure from time to time so she can be for herself for a little while. Rescuer BM.

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