Meet Bear, 5 year old German shepherd mix. From his foster mum: He is good with men, women and older children. He has not met any under 5 whilst with me. Reaction to visitors in general: he will come and look who is by the door but he does not pay attention. Reaction to other dogs: he lived with several females and males whilst with me. He is happy to be around other dogs but if they challenge him (he was challenged by an entire male at home and during a walk) he will answer back with a growl. I never let it escalate but there could be a fight, not started by him. He loved playing with other dogs in the park. I kept him on long flexi lead so he can have a game with them. Reaction to cats: no reaction to cats when on walk, even when the cat was running away Reaction to any other animals or birds: no reaction to birds in the garden Reaction to loud noises: no reaction. However, once he is settled he will show his GSD guarding instinct and will bark when he sees/hears people walking pass whilst he is in the garden. He is quick learner and stops when told ‘it’s ok, I got it’. He does not back when people are walking pass the house when he is in the house. Reaction to collar/harness: I don’t harness him due to missing hair on his chest. He is good when he has his soft padded collar. I walked him with dogmatic head collar as well as he is strong when pulling. He is getting used to it but will take the opportunity to take it off if not watched. Walks well on lead: he pulls when we start walking. He loves going for a walk. The pulling settles really quickly as long as he can sniff and mark places. He is never far away so I believe he could be off lead once he learns who his master is. I tried to call him back when he was on flexi lead and he came back. Frequency of barking: only if when he see/hear people walking when he was outside in the garden. However, this could be because one of my other dogs barks when she is out in the garden and people are walking pass our house. Food aggression/possessiveness: he has very healthy appetite. He was happy for me to interfere with his meal but will give warning to the other dogs if they try to get into his bowl. The same with toy or chewy bone. Once he likes it he wants to keep it. He would give the other dogs warning but he never wants to fight. The fight most likely would start from the other dog. Any special dietary requirements: unknown. However, as discussed with our vet due to the steroid tablets (prednisolone) that he was put on (reason unknown) and it was suggested he may have ear infection (from previous owner) we agreed that he should not be given any human food. He loves dog treats, any dog treats. Grooming requirements: his coat was very tangled at the back when he arrived so we spent a lot of time de-tangling it. He does not mind being groomed and will lie down after a while. I don’t believe he will require a lot of grooming just a quick brush once in a while. Level of shedding: no shedding whilst at mine Any health issues: he appear to have a poor vision on his right. This will be checked by vet in the next couple weeks. Any behavioural issues: he is due to be castrated in next 2 weeks which should stop the excessive interest in female dogs. Any specific needs: no Additional comments or observations: Bear is just a big cuddly bear and he will love his owner. Bear likes to be with me and will follow me and find a quiet spot to lie down whatever I am doing. He is not interested in going upstairs but his could be due to my stair being too steep for him. He likes to play with toys and loves interacting with his human when playing. He is not high energy dog and half hour walks were sufficient but this could improve if the new owner walked more. I believe his fitness is not as it should be for GSD of his age. But as long as he is with his master he is happy. Currently fostered in Dorset

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