This is a Special Paws Dog – are you a Special Human?

Just like humans, not every dog is perfect. Most of the time, they have been damaged by humans, but this only makes them our Special Paws Dogs – who need extra-special humans.

We are looking for Special families, owners or parents to help us with our dogs who may not be perfect, to either adopt, or to work with them as a foster parent.

If you are an experienced dog owner, have the time to help, and no children under the age of 10 living at home, why not become a Special Paws Parent?

With thousands of adopted dogs in the UK, we do offer every adopter rescue back up – and this means that we do have dogs who either have issues, or need to be re-homed.

If you know anyone who can help, and become a Special Paws Parent, please do email us at paws2rescue@outlook,com and let us know.

Bee was born in August 2018. From her foster parents in Edinburgh: Little Bee came in to my care due to her “ owner” not being able to handle her. I have now had her for over a month and she is actually a very sweet wee girlie who just wants to know she’s safe and that no one will hurt her . For her first week she sat trembling in the corner of her bed . .. she only ate when you left her alone .. she wouldn’t let you put a lead on her as she was petrified to go out . I suspected that she had never been taken out .. or socialised … After a couple of weeks of patience and love , she started greeting us with a wagging tail ….we took her out and she was overwhelmed at the outside world ! This wee girl has been severely traumatised but is actually a lovely gentle wee soul who needs a home where someone is genuinely loving .. calm .. confident but most of all VERY patient. Give her all of this and you will have a loyal , loving companion who just wants a peaceful life …. and she deserves that at the very least . Who ever gives her this chance can contact me 24/7 for support and advice to help her settle with you . Please contact P2R as Little Bee is waiting for your call