This is a Special Paws Dog – are you a Special Human?

Just like humans, not every dog is perfect. Most of the time, they have been damaged by humans, but this only makes them our Special Paws Dogs – who need extra-special humans.

We are looking for Special families, owners or parents to help us with our dogs who may not be perfect, to either adopt, or to work with them as a foster parent.

If you are an experienced dog owner, have the time to help, and no children under the age of 10 living at home, why not become a Special Paws Parent?

With thousands of adopted dogs in the UK, we do offer every adopter rescue back up – and this means that we do have dogs who either have issues, or need to be re-homed.

If you know anyone who can help, and become a Special Paws Parent, please do email us at paws2rescue@outlook,com and let us know.

Beegee was born in August 2018. We rescued her from an awful public kill shelter in January 2019 and she came to the UK in spring 2019, adopted into a family in Dundee. She is 24 inches neck to tail and 15 inches in height from floor to shoulder. She is living in a family home with mum, grandma and older child. She needs an experienced owner who will provide her with training, patience and the exercise that she needs. Sadly her current home cannot give her this, and they have reluctantly asked us to find her happy ever after. Beegee has no food aggression, no health issues and no dietary requirements. She has NOT bitten or attached anyone at all.

She lives in a home with women and apparently barks/growls at men. She doesn’t really play with any other dogs and is scared of birds. She tries to play with cats.

She has not been walked on a lead yet.