Benson has been saved by Mr Cozma. Mr Cozma looks after 70 dogs with very little help and never asks for much. It was obvious how much the dogs thought of him – their guardian angel. We have spent precious hours today with the lovely Mr Cozma and his 70 dogs. A little out in the countryside, he does what he can for his dogs and we can really see that they are well loved and cared for within his means. However, last month Mr Cozma sadly had a heart attack. We are worried what will happen to the dogs of Mr Cozma is too sick, because he is alone with just a little help. We will be helping him and some of the dogs, there are so many who just simply deserve a family of their own.Benson is 12 months old (dec’19), he is 50cm tall, a very friendly boy and gets on with other dogs very well, he is a brother of Brody and Barney. Rescuer AP

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