Cara is a wonderful oldie. Despite obviously being chained on concrete and beaten up around food she has no behavioural issues other than being shy to approach you when the food is out until she figures out it’s okay for her to eat. No food aggression whatsoever, on the contrary. She has old chain indentations around her neck, pads on elbows from sitting on concrete, 1 small fat lump, 1 anal gland that is compacted beyond my help and another small lump around her anus, plus possibly 1 small mamary gland tumor. Even in her old age it’s clear she had babies earlier this year. She still isn’t spayed, obviously, and was covered in ticks. Behaviourally, Cara is truly lovely to people, men, women and kids, which is a rarity for a rescue; she even met men scared of dogs and she won them over. Moreover, she walks beautifully on lead and has started to show me she can sit and learn obedience. When told no she takes it to heart but it breaks your heart to see the consequences of many years of no’s accompanied by beating, flattening herself to avoid a kick. She was perfect in the car, truly non-plussed. Cara was clearly a pet who enjoys a fuss and cuddling and it’s all she wants to do if given the chance. That and fooooood :))). She met Mango, Grati and the goats through the fence and she is fine being across the fence from them, no frenzy but she warns them away from her (you can tell she is worried about finding her own small space in the huge and nutty crew here). She was okay being in the front yard overnite, and was quiet and mellow all day. We introduced her to Jack, Tiu and Messi. She was curious and okay with all of them including the nutty Messi who becomes a helicopter when unsure. Even though he let free and showing fangs and the works she kept her cool and just growled him away. Tiu was too small for her tastes and only reacted when we picked Tiu up, backing away instantly when told off. We could not let her socialize freely with Jackie (he has his issues), but we did walk all of them together with no issues. On the contrary, Messi immediately saw her as his crew. If I had weeks at my disposal I know she could work her way in with the two boys but I would not necessarily leave her with Tiu unattended (too small). So: She is clearly ok to other dogs when introduced and respecting her Queen Mother status; she definitely demands respect from them but is curious and would like to get to know them; mellow balanced dogs will be okay and she will need to have her own little space to feel safe; – easily walked dog, no arthritis or hip issues, mellow energy but not a couch potato; still has at least 3-5 good years in her; so far no major health issues but needs testing; Pleasepleaseplease with cherries on top, please help me promote her for adoption. We will try to put her in foster today but she needs out before the December cold settles in. She honestly should not spend winter outside in bare minimum conditions. Please. I will make sure she comes spayed, vaccinated and tested, with a clean bill of health. She really is a lovely dog who would do so well in a home and would make a nice, loving family very happy and proud of her. Born March 2010.

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