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Hello, my name is

Lucy (Cat Friendly) – Adopted

And I'm looking for my forever home.

Here's what some kind humans wrote about me

Lucy is a gorgeous, 1 year old girl (approx. d.o.b. 05/2023) seeking a forever home. She flew all the way from Cairo, Egypt and landed in Lincolnshire, where she currently lives with her foster family.

Lucy is a lovely little girl, she adjusted to her new life in no time. She’s not scared of people and she’s always happy to greet everyone; she barks a little bit when new visitors arrive at home but calms down quickly when she gets introduced and bribed with treats. She hasn’t been around very young children yet but meeting a 10-year-old child was a great success – she was pleased to see them, very gentle and played with them almost straight away. She absolutely loves to be cuddled and groomed. She doesn’t shed much but will require regular brushing and trimming to keep her beautiful coat healthy.

Lucy is clever and very well behaved. She doesn’t mind a collar or harness and walks very well on a lead. She is housetrained and knows how to signal that she needs to go outside. Even though she loves and craves human attention, she is also happy to sit quietly when others are busy. She’s happy to snooze in the meantime and is not demanding at all. She’s playful, enjoys running around the garden and playing fetch for ages until she is worn out.

Lucy gets along with docile male dogs well, but she has not befriended the resident, more anxious female dog at her current foster home. She can be possessive over snacks with other dogs, but not with cats or humans. She will ignore cats or will want to play with them but doesn’t bark or show any aggression to them. We believe she might do best as the only dog in the house or with a placid, male dog.

Lucy is just a perfect girl, who will make a wonderful addition to her future family.
Currently in Lincolnshire.