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Hello, my name is

Rambo – Adopted

And I'm looking for my forever home.

Here's what some kind humans wrote about me

Little Rambo is 1 year old (approx. d.o.b. 05/2023), extremely cute, and ready to meet his new, forever family. Rambo grew up in Cairo, Egypt and travelled all the way to his current foster home in Southampton this April. His life took 180 degrees turn but he adjusted well and loves his new reality.

Rambo is friendly and very affectionate. He craves attention and love he was deprived from for so long and will follow you everywhere just to stay close. He hasn’t had the opportunity to be tested around children yet. He is fine with other dogs but will chase them off if he feels intimidated, and hasn’t been cat tested. He is fine with a collar and harness; he is making fast progress walking on a lead, and even though it still makes him a little nervous, he enjoys his walks. His housetraining is going well, he’s a clever boy quickly learning the ropes. He is neutered, healthy and ready for adoption.

Rambo is a gorgeous, loving pup, who dreams of a safe home and a forever family to snuggle on the sofa with. He will do best as an only dog in the house.

Currently in Southampton.