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Hello, my name is

Sora (Senior)

And I'm looking for my forever home.

Here's what some kind humans wrote about me

Stunning Sora is a senior lady seeking a forever home, after her loving owner heartbreakingly passed away. She is anything between 12-14 years old and around 75cm tall.

Sora is a typical gentle giant, a large girl with an enormous heart and lovely character. She is incredibly friendly and loves people, she is great with visitors and will always quietly and politely say hello to everyone. She doesn’t mind other dogs and doesn’t chase cats nor birds. She’s currently living with pet chickens and doesn’t show any prey drive at all.

Sora is fit, healthy and sprightly for an older girl, but she does enjoy a rather calm pace of life. She will happily walk for 15-20 minutes per day, but she loves lounging on the sofa more than anything. She walks perfectly well on a lead but prefers to stick to a known route and sometimes, especially when the weather is bad, needs a little encouragement to go outside. She is very quiet, not expressing more than a little whine when she feels unsettled or wants a cuddle. She loves to curl up on the sofa every evening and sleeps for large parts of the day. Sora is very gentle and submissive. She happily shares everything with the three resident dogs at her current home. Despite her large size, she is the bottom of the pecking order in the pack and would never stand up for herself – instead she would just walk away. Therefore she would like to live alone or with a gentle, easy going dog as she could be easily bullied by a more dominant, boisterous pup.

Sora is such a wonderful dog with a very loving and kind personality. She would suit a family or owner with a calm way of life. She doesn’t mind any visitors, including children, but she would struggle to adjust to a very busy, chaotic household. We’d love to find a forever home where she can find the well deserved peace and quiet for her senior years.

Due to her age, Sora has dental issues that are currently being treated, a fatty lump on her side and there are signs of cataracts starting in her eyes.

Currently living in foster in Cheshire.