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Sweet, hound type Freya is 1 year and 2 months old.

Freya is very loving, trusting and affectionate to all people. She loves cuddles and attention, and she’s
always excited to greet any visitor entering the house. She loves playing and running around with other dogs; she’s friendly, playful and insists on saying hello to every pup met outside. She’s the happiest when interacting with other dogs and might benefit from living with a confident, well behaved dog who could help her learn the house rules. She’s not a big fan of cats and will chase squirrels tirelessly, driven by her incredible sense of smell, like a real hound. Freya is extremely intelligent and curious, she’s great at puzzle toys and picks up on training quickly. She loves dynamic and stimulating activities.

Freya is still a bit self-conscious and doesn’t always know how to handle her emotions. She loves walks but lacks the confidence to easily handle very busy traffic and struggles to contain herself when squirrels or other exciting distractions cross her way. She much prefers calmer spaces where she can roam around and explore freely. Harness is not her favourite, but she’s learning to fully accept it. Freya may be vocal and
chew what’s at hand when frustrated, that can be helped by avoiding trigger stacking .

Freya would love a patient, loving owner able to set clear boundaries, who will make her feel safe and confident. Her new family should be rather active and happy to commit to regular training and a consistent, simple daily routine. Freya is a truly sweet pup, very affectionate and full of life. All she needs is a safe, understanding home where she can grow and learn at her own pace.

Currently living in NW London


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