Grumpy is 6 years old and a small size boy. OK with all cats, dogs he is living in a Foster home in Romania. He is one of our special case because he have no fur on his back which may or may not ever grow back. The result of his biopsy was:The histopathological aspect represent hyperkeratosis and follicular dysplasia. He loves it to be quiet around him as in people to be quiet not other pets as he doesn’t really give them much attention. He may like to be stroked under his neck as he love that, but sometimes he might not. He is one of our few grumpy little old men dogs. He will growl in his throat or he may ignore humans or another day he may love you. Because of this we will not home him around children. Grumpy will make someone or people in a quiet home very happy as a companion dog. Fostered near Birmingham

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