This is a Special Paws Dog – are you a Special Human?

Just like humans, not every dog is perfect. Most of the time, they have been damaged by humans, but this only makes them our Special Paws Dogs – who need extra-special humans.

We are looking for Special families, owners or parents to help us with our dogs who may not be perfect, to either adopt, or to work with them as a foster parent.

If you are an experienced dog owner, have the time to help, and no children under the age of 10 living at home, why not become a Special Paws Parent?

With thousands of adopted dogs in the UK, we do offer every adopter rescue back up – and this means that we do have dogs who either have issues, or need to be re-homed.

If you know anyone who can help, and become a Special Paws Parent, please do email us at paws2rescue@outlook,com and let us know.

Harley was born April 2019 and is in Edinburgh. He is medium size and neutered. He is good with men and women and with kids over 13, however not so good with anyone younger. He is nervous with visitors. He is a bit nervous when meeting other dogs but good after time. He is not good with cats all as he has high prey drive. He is not too keen on harness but puts up with it. He is reactive to joggers and cars. He walks fine on the lead, however, lunges and leaps if he sees anything like squirrel. He has no food aggression, but he is allergic to fish. He is looking for a child and cat free home with an experienced owner. Harley is getting there with recall but is very easily distracted due to being prey driven and due to intense excitement when he sees other dogs. He sleeps well in his crate at night and is crate trained and house trained. He does have a tendency to eat plastic, cat poo and so have to be vigilant with what is lying around. He doesn’t seem to mind being crated though as it is his safe space. He is very nervous wee soul though is very reactive. He isn’t keen on being touched and is quite independent. His anxiety manifests itself with aggression and he really needs a calm home where he can be trained with love and patience. He loves to play and is very agile: would be a great agility dog when grown and would be great at scent work. He has started doggy daycare and is getting on brilliantly with the other dogs so is just a frustrated greeter on the lead and should definitely be fine in a home with another dog/dogs.

We are looking for a Special Parent who is happy to adopt Harley and help him overcome his issues – his foster home say that he really is a great boy. Do you know anyone out there?