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Name: Hero

Gender: Male

Age: 2-3 years old.

Approximate weight: 22-23 kg

Size: Medium

History: Hit by a car, with his paw broken, a girl have me a phone call to tell me about him and his pain. The local private shelter refused him when they saw his leg. In a desperate situation, the girl called me to ask for help. He was hospitalised, operated on and recovered after 4 months.

Do they have food aggression towards people or other dogs? Sometimes, he is not getting on well with male dogs, sometimes he is.

Can they be cat tested? No.

Do they live in a home or outdoor kennels? Living outdoors, in a courtyard.

Temperament: He is very good, very loving with people and kids.

Have they been tried on the lead before? Yes, he walks very well on the lead.

Are they better suited to a home with other dogs? He is used to living with other dogs, but it is preferable to be adopted with a female dog.

Any known medical/health issues, dietary requirements, allergies that will require treatment. No other health issues, except for his paw, which now îs completely healed.

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