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Hope around 18 months old (as at January 2022) was rescued after she had been hit by a train, and part off her leg had been severed off. She had sat hiding in a drain tunnel clearly for days if not longer and ws so skinny. After she was rescued, hope was taken to the clinic to gain some weight and to prepare her for surgery. With nothing to be done to save her stump, she had the remainder of her infected leg amputated.We were so lucky to have spent a few days with Hope. She is fully recovered both physically and mentally from her trauma and truly is one of the most gentle and loving dogs we have ever met. Hope is living in her rescuers home with children and adults and dogs and puppies. There are no cats there, so she cannot be cat tested. Hope is playful and loves joining in the fun in the yard with the other dogs. But shr has very gentle side too and she is absolutely amazing with all the puppies, so gentle and motherly to them. Hope sleeps inside the home with other dogs. She is house trained and has had some led training. Hope is fantastic with people and has no known issues at all. Other than her amputation, she has no medical issues. Hope has been spayed, blood tested and vaccinated and is ready to travel. Hope is a medium to large girl, but extremely genteel and really will make the most fantastic pet. 

Rescuer ML