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We found her abandoned and thought she was hit by a car, but turned out that she is a distemper survivor.
She is a beautiful and extremely sweet, energetic and full of life girl. Beautiful black jet coat, great personality girl , loves people, loves everyone.
The extent of her state is visible in the video very well, one of her back legs is twitching pretty bad but that doesn’t stop her from being very active, runs and plays all day long with her friends. Lives outdoors, no food aggression, she loves the company of other dogs.
We know she is going to be a very challenging adoption, but had gigs in the past with this condition being very happily adopted.

Name: Hope

Gender: Female

Age: aprox. 3 Years

Height (to the top of the head): 65 cm

Approximate weight: 18 Kg

Estimated size: Medium, slender

History of how the dog or pup was rescued: She was rescued from street . 

Temperament (shy/timid/playful/active/lazy): 

Energy level (high, medium, low): Full of life

Do they have food aggression towards people or other dogs?: No food or dog aggression.

Can they be cat tested?: Not tested

Do they live in a home or outdoor kennels?: Outdoors

Have they been tried on the lead before?: 

Are they better suited to a home with other dogs or as the only dog?: 

Any known medical/health issues, dietary requirements, allergies that will require treatment?:

Rescuer AR


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