Paws2Rescue | UK Registered Charity No. 1156882


Name: Hugo

Gender: Male

Age: born on march 2021 approx 6½ Months (15/10/2021

Estimated size : Medium 

History of how the dog or pup was rescued: “I was walking my dogs in the woods and suddenly I saw a black shadow. I approached and the dog hid. I didn’t manage to catch him then and I didn’t see him at all untill one day. After about two weeks he came down from the forest and approached my house, where he was beaten by some dogs from the village. I heard his cry and managed to save him in time. He was just skin and bone and since I took him in my arms he hugged me. I’ve never met a dog that hugs just like a human. That’s why his name is HugO.”

Temperament: Hugo is sweet natured, loving, playful, he loves people and other dogs, food driven, excited to receive attention.

Energy level: Medium

Do they have food aggression towards people or other dogs? No. He lives with another three dogs.

Can they be cat tested? Yes

Do they live in a home or outdoor kennels? Foster home

Have they been tried on the lead before? Yes doing great

12. Are they better suited to a home with other dogs? Both

13. Any known medical/health issues, dietary requirements, allergies that will require treatment- No

Rescuer RL


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