Dog name: Hula Age: 5 Gender: F Type of dog (terrier/collie type etc.): |Mixed Colouring/markings: White with black big spots Size in inches/cm (length from base of neck to base of tail): Size in inches/cm (height from floor to top of shoulder): Reaction to men: Ok, not over too enthusiastic Reaction to women: wonderful Reaction to older children: Wonderful Reaction to young children (under 5s): Not assessed Reaction to visitors in general: Wonderful Reaction to other dogs: Great Reaction to cats: Great Reaction to any other animals or birds: Wonderful Reaction to loud noises: Not assessed yet apart from my music being played loudly. But seems fine Reaction to collar/harness: No problem Walks well on lead: Yes, does not pull. Frequency of barking: Hardly at all. Food aggression/possessiveness: Likes all food, just not keen on small dry food Any special dietary requirements: None, but giving small meals at present due to obesity. Grooming requirements: None, but had her hair clipped as she was panting too much with all of her fur and obesity. Level of shedding: Trimmed hair so none at present. Any health issues: Apart from being too fat, none. Any behavioural issues: Very well behaved girl. Behaves like a lady in doggy world. Any specific needs: None Additional comments or observations: She loves cuddling up to you when you are watching TV or reading a book. Very affectionate and sometimes plays with cuddly toys. Very well behaved in the house and outside. Will always work sedately next to you or around the house. Will not knock over any one. In foster in the South East.

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