The first dog of our neuter campaign here in Dobreni that we just couldn’t return to the streets. Kit was such a friendly boy, around two years old. When we went for a coffee, he followed us, when we went back to the surgery, he trotted behind. Sociable with men and children, the other dogs and cats, surely it was fate. Kit hung around so long, that little did he know we would neuter him too. The best surprise coming for him straight after was recovery in a wonderful foster home. Our neuter campaigns are so desperately needed in the community here, with people queueing with their pets and angels bringing the strays, the whole community is keen to stop unwanted pups and kittens being born. Kit is safe, warm (it was 33c at 8pm tonight) and already loved and adored. Just one of slightly too many who were simply too perfect to be left on the streets. A huge thank you to everyone for supporting our neuter campaign with Dr Andrei Tudor. You are making change – just ask Kit. Rescuer DT

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