Kitty-Mae is 1 year old. We found her at the side of the main road. She was definitely abandoned, as though she was waiting for her family to come back. Full of ticks and fleas we turned the car round and went back. She has been to the vet, de flea and de wormed, all ticks removed. She tested negative on the snap 4d test and her babesiosa test was negative. But unfortunately she is totally deaf. from her foster mum in UK: KM knows that thumbs up means ‘good girl’ 🏻 She knows that 🤚🏼Hand flat means ‘stop’. She can fetch the ball and bring back followed by a 🏻 Good girl. She knows ‘sit’ for a treat. Tap her bottom if she looks confused. KM is reactive on the lead if she sees another dog out on a walk (barking and jumping around), although I don’t know yet if she would actually be aggressive towards other dogs. Carefully managed Play dates with other dogs would be helpful once lockdown eased more. Walking her close to heel on a short lead using a collar rather than harness; and between me and the wall seems most effective. Just needs practice. I keep harness on to give me something grab if needed (it hasn’t been needed). Cannot ever be let off lead (deaf, so no recall) but a extending lead when we walk over the fields when no other dogs around us is good. She settles really well at bedtime, as long as she is with me. She loves a stroke and belly rub. She chews shoes. She is a great eater! Toilet trained unless you have a rug. She cries loudly rather than barks when left at home but is now settling herself after 10-20 mins. She likes a crate with door open And blanket over top to curl up in. She goes in her crate for time out if she doesn’t 🤚🏼 Stop when asked a couple of times. She is nervous with people at first but is happy To be around them if not grabbed. She likes to look out the window but will bark if she spots something. She likes her chew toys. I think she will be fine with over 5’s if approach gentle. Fostered in Kent

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