CAT FRIENDLY. Born in March 2011, meet gorgeous Labus. He was found 8 years ago in a box, together with his 2 sisters. The female puppies have been adopted by the same person, and Labus was adopted by other person. The problem is that the lady who took care of Labus is now very sick. She is almost all the time in the hospital, and she cannot take care of him so well as she did before. The woman is begging us to find another person for Labus to take care of him, because her daughter doesn’t like dogs and If something happens to her, Labus will be thrown out of the house and courtyourd. He gets on well with other dogs, small or big, it doesn’t matter. He is very friendly with cats, too, the old lady has also got a cat. Labus is ready to travel to the UK in January. Rescuer MA.

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