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Beautiful Lexi is just over 1 year old and looks like a gorgeous border collie mix. She’s currently living in the UK and trying to find a new family. 

Lexi is a very sweet natured pup. She loves people and she’s always excited to greet new visitors. She’s no stranger to Pets at Home, where she goes for her regular grooming sessions without a fuss. She’s friendly and playful with other dogs, and always has a blast in a dog park. She is used to a collar and a lead, and already had a few training sessions where she’s learning to walk nicely without pulling. 

It’s no secret that Lexi is a big girl – she is now about 37 kg. She is, however, still a young, bouncy puppy, full of energy and need to play. Lexi is very smart and food driven, which makes it very enjoyable to train with her, but she does need regular, consistent practice to help her become the most confident and well behaved pup she can be. She is making brilliant progress in her recall, crate and lead walking training. Like any typical puppy her age, she is drawn to munch on things that aren’t meant to be munched, like blankets or tissues, but it’s easy to redirect her attention towards toys and treats. Due to her size and equally big personality, she might try to dominate a resident dog that’s too shy or submissive. 

Lexi is a kind, funny and clumsy gentle giant, without a jot of aggression in her. She does need clear boundaries and training, but she is so eager to learn and please her humans. She’ll be an amazing addition to an active family, looking for a playful, cuddly bear that will make them laugh every single day. Due to her size and energy levels Lexi would be best suited for a household with no young children and no cats.

Currently living in Liverpool