Paws2Rescue | UK Registered Charity No. 1156882


Name: Lexie

Gender: Female

Age: approx. 4-5 Months (15/11/2021)

Estimated size: Small to Medium

History of how the dog or pup was rescued: Lexie and her brother (Rafa) were found abandoned and raised by one of the rescue team.

Temperament (shy/timid/playful/active/lazy): Lexie is very friendly and not traumatized. She is a cute and bouncy puppy.

Energy level (high, medium, low): Medium

Do they have food aggression towards people or other dogs?: No

Can they be cat tested?: Not tested

Do they live in a home or outdoor kennels?: Living with rescuer

Have they been tried on the lead before?: Yes 

Are they better suited to a home with other dogs or as the only dog?: Both

Any known medical/health issues, dietary requirements, allergies that will require treatment?: No

Rescuer AR


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