One tiny dull ache in our hearts during our neuter campaign in Dobreni this week and her name is Lilly. Brought to our campaign to be neutered as a community stray, we all knew that her pups died on the main road in the commune. Run over by the many speeding cars, caring too much for their own destination to watch the road for dogs. We simply had no safe foster home to take Lilly to after the campaign, only a farm where potentially she can still roam from. It 2aa the nearest to safety we could find for her. She is fed every day, only it still hurts. Lilly is around 3 and one of the gentlest and friendliest dogs we have ever met. We pray she finds a way to stay safe until one day someone can offer her a home. The reality of life for dogs in Romania can be harsh and whilst she isnt in a public shelter or in danger of dog catchers, we cannot stop thinking about the girl who smiled her way through the campaign. Lilly, stay safe. We all love you. Meet Lilly… Rescuer DT

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