Maisie is 3 year old girl. She is 36cm tall (height from floor to top of the shoulder), and 52cm long. From her foster mum in UK: Her initial reaction to both men and women is scared at first, but once she gets to know you, she is fine. She is curious about cats but doesn’t like other dogs much. She walks well on the harness and wears collar. She doesnt bark much. She is obsessed about food, always looking for more. She doesn’t like other dogs being around when she is fed, but she has no aggression towards people. She is really looking to be the only dog in the house. Maisie loves to be stroked and cuddled, she will make perfect lap dog but needs to be the only dog in the household. When she trusts you, she is loving, calm, gentle and has no other problems being handled. At night she is happy to sleep alone and doesnt wake up the whole night. She is fully housetrained, but doesnt asks to go out- you have to take her out but she almost does it on command. She has started wagging her tail which is new for her and she keeps looking at it.She is very fast learner and i have been teaching her impulse control around food and “touch” command both of which she picked up instantly. she is happy going for short walks around the streets and walks nicely but work still needs to be done introducing her to loud vehicles and groups of pedestrians. Whoever takes her on is going to have the most amazing dog given time and patience and I am sad that it cannot be me. Currently in Essex

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