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Maisy & Bailey

Our inseparable duo, a Terrier type Maisy and long-haired Chihuahua mix Bailey, are ready for adoption. Both small and 8 years old, with their very unique and opposite personalities, they complement each other perfectly. 

Bailey is a truly laid back, clever, funny and easy-going boy. He loves nothing more than a good bowl of food and will respond to commands if the treat is worth his effort. He’s playful and lively, likes attention and doesn’t mind visitors. Bailey very much enjoys his daily walks, digging for mice in the fields is his specialty. 

Maisy, the more sensitive of the two, is a little more wary of strangers. She needs time to warm to people, but she’s always curious and open to attention if approached calmly. She is naturally shy and a bit nervous, her new family should treat her with extra gentleness, patience and understanding of her character. Positive reassurance will surely help her feel safe and grow more confident. Maisy is a truly loving girl, she’s eager to please and craves affection. She likes nothing better than cuddles and attention, but with respect of her boundaries and limitations. She’s very expressive and quite chatty; her beautiful smiles brighten everyone’s day. She knows how to communicate when she’s excited or wants something. She loves napping between activities, especially in the summer sun. Maisy is highly intelligent and responsive to commands, even more so if there’s a treat in sight. She enjoys long walks in the fields, where she can explore and roam around. She loves being part of the ‘pack’. Maisy suffered a small injury a few years ago (pulled a muscle in her back), however it doesn’t stop her from running around and playing.

Bailey and Maisy love sparing and chasing balls together, but they’re not wildly sociable with other dogs. They tend to feel quite intimidated and may become defensive, they much prefer each other’s company. They are, however, cat friendly, living with cats at their current home. They’re used to walking mainly off lead in the countryside, but won’t mind staying on a lead either. They’re perfect companions for long, gentle walks. Neither Maisy nor Bailey are used to children, they’re best suited for an adult household.

They are both happy, healthy dogs. Truly beautiful souls with different but engaging and loving personalities, each with their own little quirks. They’re looking for a patient, understanding family, who’d allow them their space to settle into a new life. In return they will give so much love, attention, smiles and tummies offered to rub.

They’re currently living in Leicestershire.


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