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Maisy-Grace is small, 9 years old(born on 05.05.2013) and looks like a cute Terrier mix.

Maisy is a truly loving girl, she’s eager to please and craves affection. She likes nothing better than cuddles and attention, but with respect to her boundaries. She is a sensitive soul and might be wary of strangers. She needs time to warm to visitors, but she’s always curious and open to attention if approached calmly. She is naturally shy, her new family should treat her with extra gentleness, patience and understanding of her character. Positive reassurance will surely help her feel safe and grow more confident. 

Maisy is highly intelligent and responsive to commands, even more so if there’s a treat in sight. She’s very expressive and quite chatty, she knows how to communicate when she’s excited or wants something. She is lead trained, but she is not suited for big city living. Like a true country girl she enjoys long walks in the fields, where she can explore and roam around freely. It’s definitely her biggest joy. 

Maisy loves chasing balls, but she’s not wildly sociable with other dogs. She is, however, very cat friendly. Maisy suffered a small injury a few years ago (pulled a muscle in her back), however it doesn’t stop her from running around and playing. It doesn’t need any extra care other than a muscle relaxant and a few days rest once in a while.

Maisy-Grace is a truly special girl, the most loyal companion one can wish for. She’s looking for an understanding family, who’ll give her time and space to settle into a new life. She has so much love and smiles to give in return. She’s best suited for an adult only household.

Currently living in Leicestershire.