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Marco & Emily

When Melisa rescued two consecutive cages of pups from the public shelter just weeks ago, it was inevitable that they would become ill. Fighting the usual parvo battle began and we were devastated to learn that only one pup survived from each cage.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we were laughing to see two cheeky toddlers running around the grass, absolutely the best of friends and two amazingly healthy pups. 

Marco looks after little Emily with the most adoring love and it would be lovely if one day, these two pups could be homed together, the most precious love story and one of our happiest moments of our week.

Both pups around 3.5 months old, Marco is medium size and Emily is small size. They are a bonded pair and living together in their foster home. Both are good with all people surprisingly even men. They are living with other dogs and children too. Not lead trained but they are size toilet trained this pair have hearts like real toddlers, literally so carefree and innocent. Whoever adopts this pair has hours ahead of wasted time watching with amusement. They will make the most loving addition to any family. 

Rescuer ML

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