Marina was found with her siblings and mum Joy by Melissa. She is 5 months now. From her foster mum in UK: Size in inches/cm (length from base of neck to base of tail): around 50cm. Size in inches/cm (height from floor to top of shoulder): 39/40cm Reaction to men: very good Reaction to women: very good Reaction to older children: good, jumps up slightly but only to play. Reaction to young children (under 5s): very good, I have a 3-year-old nephew and they get on very well. I also have a 6-month-old niece, she is great around her but we have never left them near each other or even face to face, but she doesn’t have a problem with baby in the room she just ignores her and prefers my nephew. Reaction to visitors in general: very happy to see anyone. Reaction to other dogs: very good, wants to get to other dogs then when she does, she is very gentle and submissive. Reaction to cats: not good, I really think best to re home without cats even if it is just my cats, just not worth the risk. Reaction to any other animals or birds: she does like to chase small animals that come into our garden. She’s never caught one. Reaction to loud noises: never bothered. May give the odd bark, but doesn’t get scared. Reaction to collar/harness: very well. Walk very well on lead and wears her harness in the house. Walks well on lead: very well. Frequency of barking: not often, only when next doors dog starts, but even then, not always a reaction. Food aggression/possessiveness: none Any special dietary requirements: none, the only thing is I keep her on dry food and my own meat and veg to keep her poos solid, I don’t feed her any rubbish treats, only pure ones, otherwise her belly might hurt. Grooming requirements: just washing and brushing. Level of shedding: none really. Any health issues: no. we took her to the vet for a check-up and all healthy and good. Any behavioural issues: no. It’s really only the cat thing that makes her act differently. Any specific needs: no, just hugs and calm speaking, she reacts to calm words a lot more than raised voices. Even if we want her to get down, speaking to her in a normal voice gets a better reaction. She’s very gentle and needs to be spoken to in a gentle way. She would like a home with a lot of playing. I work from home all day so she gets a lot of attention. We have also left her for a few hours without any problems. As long as she has a bed and a food toy to keep her busy for a while, she usually just falls asleep if we arent in the room. Additional comments or observations: I'll just say a little about her routine in case anyone would like to carry it on. She answers very well to the name Mika. She has 3 very decent walks a day, she has a lot of energy, a very clever dog so I in between walks I provide enrichment games with food (I don’t give her treats anymore i feel they gave her a bad belly, so all rewards are chicken or turkey mince). 3 meals a day, I add pumpkin seeds for worms in between the treatments and some apple cider every now and again, it's helped her belly…she had very runny poos at the start. I only feed dry food mixed with my own veg and meat as this worked best for her. We hold some wood for her or her chews so she can bite with her back teeth as I think those are the ones that are teething at the moment. It helps her to get the ones right at the back if we hold it for her. food at 8.30/9ish. 12/12.30 and 5/5.30 depending on walk. takes about 20 mins for her to need a poo after that or half hour so that’s when we go for our walk. She loves to sniff and smell everything, EVERYTHING so we make that part of our walk and routine so she gets fulfilled without that I don’t think shed enjoy her walks as much. She can also be on a longer lead now, retractable, she responds well to coming back to us. We have not let her off lead yet. she has her last wee around 10.15 and in the crate by 10.30 sometimes 11 if we are downstairs watching tv. she sleeps through the night till around 6.30 /7 then we let her outside then she settles back down till around 8…but sometimes we stay down with her or give her a kong toy to keep her busy while we go back to bed. Putting her to sleep – I put her in the crate in a dim room and sit with her till she is fully asleep, otherwise she may not settle that well she likes to feel cosy. She really likes white noise of driving. I have a good link if anyone would want it. or sometimes some dog relaxing music, she prefers this to total silence. Please don’t leave her alone in silence unless she really is settled. she knows, NO, GET DOWN, COME HERE (also in Polish) Her name, Sit, give paw (daj lape) ive taught her polish. Lie down, roll over. Shes very good with LEAVE IT when on walks or at home, and listens well. she good with wait at traffic lights and to wait (not for too long she’s still learning, at long traffic lights I usually crouch down with her so she knows shes safe and then she sits and waits very well as I speak to her until the green man comes up. ) She loves to be hugged and kissed and cuddled, has no issue with that at all. Her personality is beautiful, a very, very kind gentle dog and very clever. Fostered in London

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