Age: 4 months (dob 22.06.19) Gender: Female Type of dog (terrier/collie type etc.): Collie cross Colouring/markings: White with black/brown eye patch Size in inches/cm (length from base of neck to base of tail): 18 inches Size in inches/cm (height from floor to top of shoulder): 17 inches Reaction to men: Good very friendly Reaction to women: Good very friendly Reaction to older children: tries to dominate Reaction to young children (under 5s): not tested Reaction to visitors in general: Friendly Reaction to other dogs: Positive, friendly, wants to play. Is living happily with a four year old male spaniel although sometimes shows jealous behaviour. Reaction to cats: Wants to chase but no sign of aggression Reaction to any other animals or birds: Wants to chase but not aggressive (currently home has 3 pet hens in garden). Reaction to loud noises: Meg will bark eg at fireworks noise. Bit nervous of busy traffic noise but gaining in confidence each week. Reaction to collar/harness: No problem. Meg is used to her harness. Walks well on lead: Very good on lead. Never pulls. Frequency of barking: occasional. Will bark if she hears another dog bark or if door bell rings. Food aggression/possessiveness: Yes. Food aggression has improved but still very possessive and won’t give up toy/bones easily and will show guarding behaviour around food. Any special dietary requirements: None. Being fed high quality puppy food three times per day. Grooming requirements: minimal. Level of shedding: None Any health issues: Any behavioural issues: Shows aggression towards children in the home in form of guarding behaviours but no problem when meeting children when out on walks. Has a tendency to try to eat her own poop so have to be vigilant and pick up quickly, this is improving so she’ll probably grow out of that. Guarding behaviour as described above. Any specific needs: None. Additional comments or observations: Meg is almost house trained. She won’t bark to get out but will stand at the back door so you need to be vigilant and offer lots of opportunities to get out for a wee. She sleeps all night in her crate and can be left for short periods during the day (we’ve put her in her crate on these occasions). She will sit, give a paw, and lie down on command for a tasty treat. She’s been good in the car. Her recall is good ( we’ve used clicker-treat method) and she’ll always stay close when off lead. She’s not a lap dog but likes a belly rub (once she trusts you). She will happily relax on the sofa or lie at your feet. Fostered in Edinburgh

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