This is Missy and she’s 2 years old. She was abandoned at the garbage dump. She gave birth to 7 puppies, but they were separated from her, because the person who abandoned her did not know she gave birth to them in the neighbouring yard. She was in a very bad condition when I found her. She had bunches of ticks in her ears and on her body. Suffering from milk fever because he had not even one puppy to breastfeed. I took her from there without thinking, and on the way to the vet I received a phone call. A good man found the puppies and he fed them for 1 week with the syringe. He asked us to take her puppies, which we did. I took her to a foster place in Arad. Weeks have passed and we managed to find adopters for all her pups. She is very friendly with people, with no fear of men, very playful. She behaves well with other dogs. She is 2 years old, medium sized, around 45 cms height and 18 kg. Fostered in Gloucestershire

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