What Nancy’s foster says about her: Dog Name: Nancy Age: 4 Sex: female Type of dog (terrier/collie type etc): small hound mix breed Colourings/Markings: golden brown all over; pricked up ears Size in inches (length from neck to tail): 19 Size in inches (height from floor to shoulder): 17 Nancy is the sweetest little dog but she’s very nervous. She prefers her own space. She seems to love the rain, her walks and being outdoors, particularly woodland. She is a very sweet-tempered girl, never growls or snaps. She likes to walk behind you and won’t pass you on a path unless you step to one side. She tends to avoid any kind of confrontation or meeting with other dogs although she gets along better with other female dogs and enjoys playing with them. Nancy gets on very well with our other two female dogs and she loves to play chase with them. She currently lives with a cat but does like to chase any small furries. She likes being stroked and petted and is always delighted to see you when you come home. Nancy would prefer a quiet home with another confident dog. Currently in foster in Hull

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