CAT FRIENDLY. Born 2012. The first time we met NINUTA, in 2017, she was on the street, with her puppy. We fed them, she ate, but the little one was scared, and did not come close to us. We found that the two of them were fed by someone in town. When we visited the man who was taking care of them, he said to take the mother until he could make a pen in which to keep them both, for the moment he had a place just for the puppy. So we did: we took NINUTA, she missed her puppy and suffered greatly at first, then began to get used to it. Sometimes, when she is looking at us, she has tears in her eyes!! Meanwhile she was sterilized, vaccinated, waiting to be taken next to her baby. After a few months, the man still didn’t want her so she now needs a home. She really is the most loving girl and she so deserves a home and a man who will love her forever. Rescuer MA.

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