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Our lovely girl Olena is looking for her forever home. She’s a beautiful, 6 month old pup with unique border collie/whippet traits.  

Olena is naturally friendly to all people. She might be shy sometimes, but soon warms to anybody and welcomes affection. She’s still a very young pup and we’re sure her confidence will only grow with time. She’s great with other dogs – very playful and sociable, she’s currently living with a resident dog at her foster home. She doesn’t mind cats either, given that they’re properly introduced first. This smart cookie is housetrained, already knows how to “sit”, “wait”, reacts to her name and is fantastic on the lead. She’s currently learning to “heel” and working on a solid recall. She has no issue sleeping in her crate all night once settled in. 

Olena is extremely loving and affectionate, she forms a very special bond with people she trusts and looks to them for guidance. She requires a lot of cuddles and loves to stay close to her humans – she might cry when locked away but this can surely improve with adequate training. As a young, active and clever dog she’d love a family who can provide regular walks or runs and training sessions, as well as playtime. She does love to laze around the house as well, she’s just the perfect workout and snuggle buddy in one.

Currently fostered in Dorking


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