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Dog Name: Oliver/Oly 
Age: 3 years ( 17/09/2017) 
Sex: male 
Height: 16in 
Length :20in 
Reaction to men: fine 
Reaction to women: fine 
Reaction to older children: can be wary Reaction to young children (under 5s): can be wary 
Reaction to visitors in general: mostly fine but can bark and growl. But visitor talking to him and bending down to his level so he can sniff your hand he responds well. Sometime has to be done a few times. He’s really happy for visitors to come into the garden and meet him.
Reaction to other dogs: loves other dogs 
Reaction to cats: I have 2 cats and he not bothered. Sometimes just stands and looks at them. He has run after one but more in thinking the cat was playing when she was running he ran after her and just looked confused when she sat on top of fence looking at him. 
Reaction to any other animals or birds: I have parrot and he’s mesmerised when he talks but is no threat at all to the bird even when he flies and lands on floor he just stands looking at him 
Reaction to loud noises: doesn’t seem to bother but if gets a fright will bark but reassurance and a cuddle he’s fine.
Reaction to collar/harness: is a bit scared of harness just needs practice, loves his collar and lead 
Walks well on lead: yes so good 
Do they bark excessively: can be barky 
Any food aggression: he can be a bit protective over food with other dogs if he was there first but will happily join in when other dogs eating, I would supervise all eating until he knows he’s safe forever. I can pet him and take his bowl away while eating and is really good. 
Any special dietary requirements: no eats anything. Loves his food. 
Any health issues: no 
Any behavioural issues: can be a little frightened and growl and bark. Lots of reassurance works well. 
Any specific needs: He definitely would benefit from another dog to teach him how to be a dog and play with (I have 5 and they all get in so well )  
Additional comments or observations: If Oly is showing any fear he does growl and bark but he’s starting to respond to clicker. I also have used a spray water bottle when his anxiety / fear is overwhelming him to calm him and it works well. He is a bit of a barker when out in the garden but this is where I use clicker and reward him for stop barking and coming. He is starting to play with toys now and is not great at sharing yet. Oly needs a house with at least another one dog and preferably adult only but would be ok with older dog savvy children. He loves his walks and walks so well on his lead. He happily walks past everyone and dogs with no real reaction and is happy to let dogs sniff him and him have a sniff. Tell him to wait at pavements and he will stand beside you and wait. Oly needs adopters who have patience and time to learn not to be so frightened and learn he’s safe. Oly needs to know he’s not the boss and he’s not scary. A firm hand is needed but this is to help Oly gain confidence. He does love you to lie or sit on floor with him talking and playing with him and is rolling over for belly rubs.  
Fostered in Edinburgh.
Please note that at the moment we are only adopting locally due to travel restrictions. 

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