Paws2Rescue | UK Registered Charity No. 1156882


Our cute boy Pepe is 7 years old and only about 13 inches tall, but full of character. Pepe was rescued from Romania and arrived in the UK on one of our happy vans in March. Sadly, due to no fault of his own but an unfortunate change in circumstances, he needs to find a new family. He deserves nothing but the best and we’re truly hoping for a loving, responsible and, most importantly, forever home. 

Pepe is house and lead trained, used to both collar and harness. He’s very well behaved outside, although he can get overly excited when meeting other dogs sometimes. He’s friendly toward people and gets along with most dogs. He has his preferences when it comes to befriending new cats and dogs and his new family should be ready to respect his boundaries. He likes to be vocal and feel like the man of the house, but it’s all just for show. He’s a professional tail chaser and one of his funniest quirks is mistaking his own glorious fluffy tail for another dog sneaking to steal from his bowl. Pepe is healthy and doesn’t have any special needs other than love and patience.

Pepe is a sweet and funny little chap, full of love and joy. He’ll make the most loyal companion to his new family. He’d love to be the only dog in a household with no children younger than 16. 

Currently in foster in Southampton.