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Tiny Pintxo is around 8 years old. He was rescued from a kill shelter in Romania by our rescuer. He is looking to be the only dog in the house.

Height from floor to shoulder; 8 inches, length from neck to tail: 14 inches.

What his foster says about him:

Pintxo is a great little character but he is NOT a lap dog and he will suddenly turn and snap if you are “over petting him “. He runs around happily coming back and forth to me and loves taking a treat. When he approaches you he shuts his eyes and puts his head down. I think he is expecting to be beaten. He is the kind of dog that wants to go for lots of walks. He is high energy for his age but also likes to sit in a comfy warm bed too. He wants to get treats and wants to follow you around but he’s not ready to trust anyone to lift him up, to sit him on their lap or cuddle him. He is too scared.

I love his happy, smiley character and boundless energy and I think that if folk just leave him be and follow the advice then I think that one day he might, just might jump up and sit beside them.

Pintxo needs to be the ONLY DOG in an adult only house with experienced owners.

Currently in foster in Edinburgh.
Please note that at the moment we are only adopting locally due to travel restrictions.

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