Poppy is 8 years old. Approx 40cm tall. She is fine with women, older children and some men. She is suspicious of tall men, but improving. She is fine with visitors but initial will barl a bit. She doesn’t like cats at all. She has a strong prey instinct. She walks well on the lead but with collar, she has never accepted harness. Poppy is a dog desperate for love. When secure, she adores attention, gentle stroking, brushing, and playing with kibble games. As a former street dog she is (in my opinion) imprinted to be independent. She will try to escape and run off…. although will return! She is food obsessed and possessive. Will try to take food from hands (on occasion). She is wary and goes on offensive with unknown dogs and cannot play. She is not consistent to calling, especially when she is in heightened state. She is never off lead. Poppy’s family have very young children visiting and we have been asked to help find her a new home where the family have more time to train her, and a quieter environment. Currently in Gloucester GL50

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