The time of year we dread most is coming, and it will hit hard. Temperatures of -25C and below, every single year, and many of the pups and old dogs simply die on the streets – they just cannot survive. Every year, we fly out to help shovel up to 10 feet of snow, to defrost dogs who often lose limbs to frostbite – it’s hell on earth.

Into our fifth year, we are launching “Prepare for Winter” campaign. We simply raise funds – or ask supporters to raise funds – however they can – so that we can help rescuers in emergencies/ Our donations help to buy food, build kennels or a shelter roof. It really is a lifesaving campaign, and last year we were able to support over 50 rescuers and dog lovers in Romania with the strays andrescued dogs and animals.

If you want to help fundraise, why not email us at for a fundraising packof ideas, or you can donate, or visit our amazon wish list.

Please don’t turn away.

We send your winter donations from the UK to Romania the first week in December.

We desperately try to keep the puppies from freezing.