Robin was desperate for affection-stuck in the small cage all on his own. Possibly an abandoned pet with his good nature. He is approx 4 years old. With his pretty face and the most beautiful colouring Robin is a real beauty His sweet, friendly nature is obvious as soon as you meet him. Robin is a friendly and loving boy who would thrive in loving home. He adores fuss and is great with the other dogs in the shelter and enjoys playing. Medium size and of slender build. Size in inches/cm (length from base of neck to base of tail): 27. Size in inches/cm (height from floor to top of shoulder): 20. He is a bit shy with men, but otherwise good when he gets to know them. He is absolutely fine with women. He hasnt met any children while in foster home. He hasn’t met any cats either. He is very gentle and good at home. Doesn’t snatch food and isn’t aggressive at all. At first he was understandably shy but the difference in him day by day is amazing. He is loving, friendly and though it has taken time to get him out of his shell he is getting there. He let my mum put a harness on him though he was nervous, he is wary of harness and still nervous to go for a walk (2 weeks since his arrival in UK) He sleeps well at night and causes no fuss. He is house trained and he is beginning to like to play.. He will make an amazing new family member. Robin is a lovely boy who comes out of his shell given patience, more confidence seen daily. Currently fostered in London

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