Romeo is a gentle, cheerful and full of energy puppy. I found him in a market place. He was with some Gypsies. He came to my feet and wanted me to caress him. The Gypsies saw him with me and they shouted how hard they could to take him with me, because they no longer needed him. I didn’t want to take him, because I did not have a place where to take him, a few foster homes are asking us money to keep a dog. But when I touched him and saw how skin he was, I couldn’t help myself and I took him in my car. He was skin and bones, very hungry. I kept him at my place ( in spite of the fact that I had 6 dogs at that time, one of them being a killer😕😕), I kept him for 1 week and I moved him in the foster where Rocky and the three pekingese girls have stayed. 8 months old. Rescuer MP.

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