Whilst the temperatures in Romania are still on the higher end of the scale, it won’t be long before the cold weather sets in and with that come the perilous conditions that shelter dogs face each year.

Temperatures drop to -25°C and animals quite literally freeze to death. Whilst our rescuers do everything in their power to weatherproof the shelters, some of these beautiful souls staring out at us from inside the enclosures will inevitably succumb to the harsh extremes. So many of our dogs have been in the shelter for years and are fully assessed by us and just waiting for someone to say “come home”.

Our golden oldies are particularly vulnerable to the bitter cold and so with that preying heavily on our minds and as part of Prepare for Winter campaign this project is to raise funds and find adopters for our wonderful seniors.

You can help by donating to help cover the costs or offering a home to one of our gorgeous seniors.

Contact us at email paws2rescue@outlook.com or team@paws2rescue.com

Candyfloss – age 7 years

Edie – age 7 years

Frankie – age 9 years

Rusty – age 8 years