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Age: 7 years
Gender: Male
Type of dog (terrier/collie type etc.): Mix large Romanian shepherd 
Colouring/markings: White, patchy nose
Weight: 38kgs
Size in inches/cm (length from base of neck to base of tail): 30 inches
Size in inches/cm (height from floor to top of shoulder): Tbc

Sensitive boy Spud is a cross Romanian Mioritic Shepard, who are known as a guardian breed in Romania, he has also had a sad past so we are looking for and experienced home with someone who has experience of larger dogs and can provide a quiet and stable home and not expect too much. 
He needs to be homed with a confident female dog to show him how to be a dog and get the most out of life. He’s a bit lonely being the only dog and we think this will change his life and bring some spark to his life . 

Spud can be a little protective and wary of some strangers and can be a little vocal. This would need to be worked on with positive reward based training. 
He needs to gain the trust of strangers before he lets them pet him. 

Reaction to other dogs: Mixed, generally on walks will ignore. If a white dog is seen he is very interested and wants to engage. 

Spud can give a growl to some new dogs on walks, but this is something that can be worked on as Spud gains experience. 

He currently has a regular neighbours dog visiting (that dog has dementia) he doesn’t bother with her in any way
Reaction to cats: Unknown but when out on walks, he is positively interested and wags tail

Reaction to any other animals or birds: None apart local fox if seen on walk where he can react: 

Reaction to loud noises: Startles and tries to hide, hates vans and will jump in bushes! But car reactions has greatly improved. 

Spud is a bit of a lazy, and sensitive soul who isn’t particularly interested in going for walks at the moment, but this could change once he’s feeling more confident.

Wears collar and harness on walks. Harness and Halti have to be put on with the use of a treat to distract while putting on and to avoid any reaction
Walks well on lead. Plods along. Doesn’t run and will wait at curb when commanded to

Frequency of barking: When people approach the door and come in the house
Food aggression/possessiveness: No aggression, LOVES his food! Responds well to treat training.

Any special dietary requirements: No chicken but eats kibble mixed with wet food
Grooming requirements: Needs to be groomed every day as he has a long coat. 
Spud didn’t have the best life in Romania so grooming is a completely new (and sometimes scary) thing for him. 
Spud isn’t keen on being groomed at the moment so he will need someone willing to work on this. 

Head and face not trimmed due to ear sensitivity and issue with recurrent ear infections. He needs to be muzzled for ear cleaning as he has some sensitivity there.

Level of shedding: moderate
Any health issues:
– No chicken – makes him sick
– Ears! Needs regular vet cleaning and treatment.
– Worming and flea up to date and no issue with him taking the regular treatment
– Can get hot spots as he is very lazy! These need to be kept an eye on so that no skin issues occur
– Had very little leg muscle when we got him and get kept falling over. This has been made stronger now and he takes a daily supplement in his food for his joints. His muscle growth has been good and this supplement will need to be continued .

Spud is housetrained, but he does need to have a wee in the night so he would need a secure area where a little wee isn’t an issue. 
He’s a bit reluctant to be outside, for a dog that probably lived his whole life outside it’s not surprising really! 

– Gets stressed with car journeys and needs to be lifted into car
– Wears and harness and halite on walks, he will try to get halite off and rubs face in the house before we leave for his walk! He has a couple of time got it off mid walk and we have had to not walk with it. He walks beautifully when wearing it!

Spud is a lazy loveable lump who enjoys nothing more than lying around! He isn’t keen on exercise or play with toys (quite common with Romanian dogs) but is treat oriented. 

Once he is bonded, Spud loves a head, ear and chin/neck starches and a belly rub.
He can be a very large lap dog when he wants
Spud is trained not to go upstairs and not on the furniture
He walks at a leisurely pace on the lead and to heel
He has learnt and will follow the following commands:
– Sit
– Paw
– Down
– Wait
– Walk on

Currently living in Crawley West Sussex


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