Sultana – age 9. She appeared one day in somebody’s garden, because the fence was broken and she entered the fence. The woman who saw her didn’t drive her away, she felt sorry for the dog because she had a broken tumour, and let her to stay in her courtyard. Some neighbour announced me about the dog and I wanted to see her. The woman told me that the dog came to her and stayed there about 2 weeks. She gave her food but…she didn’t eat too much. However, when I went to see the dog, the woman told me not to take her because she is almost dead and…it’s no use. Her tumour was broken and…I do not want to mention the horrible smell from her… When I first saw her she was a living skeleton, she had nearly no blood, only skin. She weighed 7kg. Sultana has had her tumour removed, she is 46cm heigh and now weighs 13kg. She is medium in size and very very gentle with cats and dogs. She is so grateful and loving because her life has changed. Now in foster care in Romania, she is waiting for a home. Rescuer MP.

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