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Tzupi (cat)

Name: Tzupi

Gender: Female

Age: approx. 1½ Years (23/08/2021)

History of cat : Tzupi had a litter of kittens (fate unknown) but she’s now sterilized.

Temperament (shy/timid/playful/active/lazy): Tzupi is very responsive, not loud, very meek, very gentle, playful and affectionate.
She’s very friendly with other cats, dogs and humans, with literally everybody she encounters.
Tzupi uses her litter box even when she’s outside she’ll go to her litterbox rather than anywhere on the ground.

Do they live in a home or outdoor kennels?: Living with rescuer.

Any known medical/health issues, dietary requirements, allergies that will require treatment?: Tzupi has a mild hip defect, she does not seem to be in pain, but it’s sometimes visible when she walks. The vet said it’s most likely a fracture that hasn’t healed properly, hence the slight limp. Other than the occasional limp, she appears to be in perfect health. (see X-rays and Medical Report)

Rescuer SD


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